In this Blog we are going to go through the basic steps you can take to get your ecommerce site off the ground using Magento. Of course, the first step might be “Find a good Magento Company in India” and if you can and you want to hand over this task then you should do so. At First stage you just have to prove the concept that your idea will work and you can sell your products online. Sinelogix Technologies is one of the full-service e-commerce development firm which handles all tech aspects of an e-commerce business such as design, development, and marketing.

Once you have proved the concept then you can step up a gear and start seeking some Magento website designer advice. You have to note that other ecommerce platforms are available and you should look around, check out the functionality and pick the one that is right for you.

1. Hosting: - The first thing we have to consider is which version of Magento you are going to use and how it will be hosted. You can choose Magento Open Source or Magento Commerce. To make life easy for you, try and find a host that will pre-install Magento on the server for you, it is also a good idea to choose a hosting company that has experience with Magento.

2. Design: - There are thousands of themes that has been created that can be 'plugged' straight into your Magento site. Some of these are free but typically for a well-designed professional theme you have to pay such amount. It will also worth thinking about how your design will look on many devices. When you search for designs, look for ones that are marked 'Responsive'.

3. Ready for Launch? - Now we have a product catalogue and means for customers to pay you are up and running. There is a lot more work for you to do to refine and personalize your site but you can do a lot of this while the site is running. Now we have to look on how we market and promote the site.

4. Monitor, refine and test: - Having a good analytics package such as Google Analytics is a must for any website. For me an essential part of running an online website is understanding the statistics that are produced. Whenever you make a change to your website you should be able to test if the change has increased or decreased sales.

5. Adding new features: - As you get more comfortable with your website and Magento you may want to start adding new and exciting functionality. It can be done through the use of 'Extensions'.


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