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Why we need to redesign website?

The need of the business changes time to time. Now a days every one want to be at top in business and beat their competitor, every one want to work according to market. Now a day’s time is more precious thing than money. People want to increase their business in minimum duration time. If we go 10 year back, I remember the digital marketing concept was very limited. People were more focus on direct, on door or other kind of marketing. The concept of marketing changed with time. Now a days if anyone wants to open any kind of new business first thought comes about web site, web site is a show case of your work, your portfolio, your expertise through which people know about your strength. In today’s world we see daily frequent update on IOS version, Android version etc... Same like that we have to update our website on time so that we should compete with our competitor to interact client. First let’s talk about website redesign, now a day’s there are lots of Language or framework which h…