Ecommerce Development Trends for 2018

2017 was an amazing year for e-commerce business. New technology emerging towards the end of 2016 flourished this year and took stable hold throughout the online retail world, with trendsetters paving the way for the future.

There are some trends that answered questions we had about 2017 at the end of last year. Technologies and best practices had already evolved most, but there was no possible way to know if they'd be passing fads or technologies to stay for the long run for ecommerce Development Company.

The Move towards Mobile

Ever since mobile browsing overtook computer browsing in 2016, mobile optimization has been a huge topic in the ecommerce business. Why would that happen? If people are browsing on mobile, why aren't they buying on mobile too?

What we’re actually seeing is the rise of the multichannel customer, who can browse across devices before deciding to buy. So even if mobile conversions aren’t as high as your mobile browsing, understand that it'd be because your customers are using their mobiles to choose which of your products they want to buy.

However, if your overall conversion rate starts to take a dive, there could be a problem with your mobile checkout optimization. This trend isn’t limited to the electronic experience either. According to Google, 42nd of customers will research via mobile whereas in a brick-and-mortar store. Even this year, Google declared that it might be changing their algorithm to prefer mobile-friendly sites, which will be coming quickly in 2018 & 2019.

If over a third of your page visits are via mobile (and chances are, that’s a lot higher), having your store optimized from landing page to confirmation for mobile users isn't a choice, it’s necessary.

Try to create a seamless experience from mobile to computer. Your website should be responsive and your overall look and feel should be consistent over multiple devices and screens. Make sure that your mobile navigation and checkout are user-friendly and lightning quick in ecommerce website design.

The User-Generated Content Takeover

User-generated content (or UGC) is one of the most valuable pieces of content you have access to. Not only does it provide you with real feedback on your store and products, but it’s fresh content that you simply don’t have to create.

You know who loves fresh content? Google’s search algorithms.

In 2018, UGC will be more important than ever before with the increase of multichannel customers. Social sharing of your products makes friends and family of your customers that much more likely to trust your website, and a customer is 97 more probably to buy after having interacted with UGC.

User-generated content isn’t limited to social shares. a huge part of UGC is reviews left on your website or external sites regarding your store and products. Reviews boost your SEO and provide rich snippets in Google search, creating your products stand out even more.

Provide a scrolling carousel on your website with your customer’s photos, reviews, and thoughts regarding your product. Not only is it a powerful statement about how many people love your products, it will be very useful.

In an industry that’s becoming more and more competitive by the day, your ecommerce store can’t afford to slip beyond the edge. Staying relevant by providing new ways for your customer to interact with your store is the best way to keep them coming back in E-Commerce Websites designing company inBangalore.

We think these ecommerce trends above all are the most important in 2018, and even in the last quarter of 2017. Keeping up with them isn’t about to the subject with reference to doing what’s new and shiny; it’s about how these trends can best translate into added value for your customers. And clearly, the best way to understand if these trends are affecting your website is to keep up on your Google data and analytics.


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