Must Know Logo Design Tips

Your logo can create or break your business. Why? Because it tells a story regarding your business and communicates its unique value proposition. It’s the primary factor your customers see and it’s the primary factor which will be judged when someone makes a purchase decision in small web design company in Bangalore.

Your business is probably amazing. You have a great team, lofty goals, and a great product or service. However, if no one knows about your company, you’ll never achieve the success you want. This is why having a good logo is so important. It’s your first salesperson, customer representative, marketer, and brand builder, all in one. It’s the essence of your business, which makes your company’s logo design so important.

But don’t worry, whether you're designing your own logo or providing feedback to a logo designer we’re here to help with the most important design tips. Follow these below and your logo and company can stand out in the hearts and minds of your customers.

Establish Your Own Design Process

Now, it may appear as if none of this matters if you outsource your logo design to a graphic designer. Wrong. It’s always necessary to know the whole process, so even if you do decide to hire a logo designer to help, you’ll know what to expect. The same principle goes for tip number one, above. Familiarity with the basics of logo design can help you produce the best logo, despite whether you design it yourself or not.

It’s therefore important to establish your own design process, either with yourself, internal team members, or a graphic designer. This betters the communication and streamlines the overall process.
Tart with a design brief. Conduct a questionnaire or interview with a consumer or group of shoppers to compile notes. From there, carry out research on your industry, its history, and the competitive landscape. Then, using your notes and your research, review logo designs that have been successful with similar companies and environments.

After all the pre-work is complete, actually create sketches of potential logo designs. Revise and continue to sketch until you have a good idea of what it might look like. From there, it’s suggested to use a logo design service to put the finishing touches on the overall plan.

This is just an example design process. Each business should have a process that’s tailored to their specific needs. However, the important thing is that a process is established.

Avoid Any Major Clichés

It’s much easier said than done. However, if you take a look at all the company logos today, a lot of them are blatant clichés, or worse, blatant contradictions. You know, the light bulb to signify ideas, a lightning bolt for innovation, etc. All of these images, while great, are overused.

Instead, get creative with the type of design you’re trying to create. Specifically, understand what message you’re trying to spread. What are your company values and what sets you apart from your competitors? Then, when you understand what you’re trying to say, think about how you can say it differently. How can you design your logo so your customers get it, and at the same time, differentiate yourself from the competitive pack?

Try to avoid the clichés. There are still numerous ways to design your logo in such a way that it’s communicative and understandable. Try not to follow the crowd.

Rely on Negative Space

Negative space is one among the sneakiest and most effective ways to design a logo. While the main logo design draws the attention in, it’s actually what’s not there that keeps a person’s attention. In fact, if negative space is used effectively, it’s nearly impossible to tell what exactly is so compelling about the image, only that it is.

Think about the FedEx logo design. While the purple and orange lettering immediately grab your eye, there’s something that creates it feel fast and forward moving. This can be intentional, seeing as FedEx’s value proposition is fast and effective parcel delivery.

You see it when you look closer. Between the “E” and “X” of the FedEx logo is a white arrow pointing to the right. It’s created by negative space. However, it’s the most important part of the FedEx logo because it’s the part of the design that communicates the brand’s value.

Make a Design that’s Active

The worst thing you can do when you design the logo for your business is to make it passive. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to make it active! But what is an active logo design? Great question! An active logo is one that feels as if it has some sort of movement. Think back to the FedEx logo. This is a rudimentary example of a logo that is active, thanks to the arrow. However, there are more complex logo designs that really make the company feel like it’s going somewhere with web designing company Bangalore.

Take Twitter’s logo, for example. The company’s brand is depicted by a cartoon bird that seems to be taking off or already soaring. Its beak is pointed at a 45-degree angle and its wings are spread wide. This is the perception of action. Now, your logo design doesn’t need to be as pronounced, but even if it’s a type-only logo, make sure it gives the feel of being active. Customers resonate with brands that seem to be going places.


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