Best Tips for PHP developers

A developer is always imagined as regularly writing codes. It is good how much you can learn by coding and exploring the different dimensions of PHP. One can never learn if s/he is not willing to get your hands dirty. So, write the PHP codes for something that you like and do not be afraid of failures. Here are some few important tips that a PHP can use while development.

Take Benefit out of SQL Injection Cheat Sheet

SQL injection is a type of web application security in which an attacker will submit a database SQL command, which is executed by a web application. It’s exposed by back­end database. SQL injection permits an attacker to create, read, update, alter or delete data stored in the back­end database. It may attack if a web application utilizes user­ provided data without proper validation or encoding as a part of a command or query. An SQL injection attack may give access to sensitive data like Social Security numbers, credit card numbers or other financial information.

So an Injection Cheat Sheet can give a summary of everything a PHP developer need to understand SQL injection. The SQL Injection Cheat Sheet contains all the essential concepts of an SQL injection attack.

It is hard to listen to the fact that many developers think that a framework is much slower than regular PHP code. One may experience a small learning curve within the beginning, however one may easily understand how the API of the framework works. Its incredible productivity and efficiency benefits. Using a framework forces the developers to use better web development patterns.

Use a Framework

For example frameworks like CakePHP or CodeIgniter allows the developer to make PHP applications, without having to be an expert with PHP, which means that this framework behaves like a PHP training wheels that show what a PHP application should look like, etc. Also, developers should consider using a Joomla template framework.


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